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The following websites may be of interest to my visitors and clients:
  • - This City website provides you with valuable information on any real property in the 5 Boroughs.  You can obtain information about property taxes, assessed value, open violations (both building and housing), present owner and certificate of occupancy (ie. how many legal apartments).
  • OASIS - This City website provides you with zoning information on any real property in the 5 Boroughs.
  • FEMA - This website provides flood zone information on any real property in the 5 Boroughs.  This site is helpful if there is a question with your homeowner's insurance company as to whether or not you are in a flood zone.
  • REO homes - This website provides free information on properties that are "bank owned".  This is a helpful site for investors.
  • Reverse Mortgages - This website provides information on Reverse Mortgages for older home owners.
  • Property Shark - This website provides information on houses that are for sale and foreclosures.  It also provides you with comparable listings in the area in which you are looking to purchase a property.
  • Realty Times - This website provides information and advice about real estate.
  • New York Times - This website provides you with world information including real estate news.
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